Project description

Dedicated management system for the hotel made especially for newly emerging five-star hotel complex in Pokhara (Nepal).

The system consists of many complex modules, of which the most important are:

  • reservation system connected to the site, taking into account different room rates, discounts, seasonal packages, etc.,
  • access control module connected to the proximity card readers placed at the door of each room - each guest gets a proximity card opens the door to the room during his stay,
  • telephone exchange - telephone calls made by guests are automatically credited to the account,
  • hotel IPTV / room service - the ability to order services and meals directly to the room, using the TV app,
  • wireless internet module - each guest receives individual login and password for the hotel's WiFi network, valid for the duration of his stay,
  • restaurant module - automatic transfer of orders to the kitchen, adding meals to the bill, etc.


  • Customer: Unique Tent Villas Pvt Ltd
  • Date: 04.2017
  • Tags: Java, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, C++, RabbitMQ, Bootstrap 3, RWD