Programming is our passion. Leading software house, we simplify and automate business processes in companies of our clients, getting a lot of satisfaction. We do care about the quality of what we create. We are not interested in half-solutions or temporary solutions. We believe in continuous contact with our customers and we believe that the effort to prepare carefully polished software pay for itself twice. Our cooperation does not end with the project. We want to build long-term relationships and listen to the needs of your business. Only in this way can we create together an excellent product that will help you succeed. Can we also know your needs?



Our team has many years of experience in developing various kinds of software. Formally CODETRONIC story began in 2012, when our software house founded under the name "browarski.com". After more than 4 years of operations, in connection with the thriving development, we decided to change the form of business and by the way the name. Thus arose CODETRONIC - a place created by people with passion, for which the software is not a product but the mission.


We know machines’ language and we have spoken it perfectly since many years. Electronic nooks don’t have any secrets from us. We deal with small, mobile monsters easily, but we are not afraid of big desktop PCs as well. We can tame every beast. We have codes for that.

We have the knowledge and experience that allow us to effectively help our customers. We make a wide variety of projects ranging from websites, to mobile applications. Our team consists of people with passion, for which programming is not daily grind but the area full of challenging and rewarding projects.

Meet us closer and tell us about your needs and we will gladly help you improve business processes in your company.


The vast majority of our customers cooperate with us for many years.
We focus on long-lasting and open relationships, because we believe that is the basis for successful and sustainable cooperation.

Professionalism, individual approach to customers, honesty, and a very quick and efficient delivery of dedicated software, meeting our requirements.

Marek Kociołek mantica.net CEO

We have cooperated with CODETRONIC since 2010. All assigned tasks are performed on time with utmost care and dedication.

Arleta Matysiak ANGLOSTREFA.EU

We express our satisfaction with cooperation and with the final product. Cooperation went smoothly throughout whole time.

Grzegorz Janicki MEBYAN

The site looks just as we imagined it at the design stage. All amendments were introduced with due diligence meeting declared deadline.

Ewa Sagan-Rosiak, Aleksander Rosiak Smart School of English



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