Project description

Dedicated online shop for the customer involved in the sale of ceramic tiles and construction chemicals. It takes into account non-standard aspects of this industry like:

  • advanced units subsystem - the number of purchased tiles can be converted according to the packaging, square meters or pieces; for each product one can impose restrictions on units sold (eg. sale only full packages),
  • advanced subsystem calculating the cost of shipping - distribution of goods due to various forms of packaging (eg. parcel, pallet); calculating shipping costs based on weight and pricing of logistics companies.

In addition to that, shop takes into account the standard modules presented in every e-commerce solution - notification system, which notifies users about statuses of their orders (e-mail, SMS), online payment system, arranging a courier, etc.

There are plans for integration with warehouse and accountant systems running in the company.


  • Customer: P.I.W. ANGRA Sp. z o.o.
  • Date: 05.2016
  • Tags: PHP, MySQL, Symfony 3, Bootstrap 3, RWD
  • URL: